1st Global Shenzhen Entrepreneurs Convention

Time: Dec 30, 2014


Shenzhen Poly Theatre

Theme: Our Thirty Years

The 1st Global Shenzhen Entrepreneurs Convention was themed with “Our Thirty Years”. VIP speakers Wang Shi, Wang Wenyin, Wang Dianfu, Wang Jian were invited to share their thoughts about Shenzhen entrepreneurs’ 30 years in the past and the future. They illustrated the contract spirit and leadership value of Shenzhen entrepreneurs, and concluded experience and looked forward to the future. More than 1,500 government officials and guests attended the convention, including Wang Rong, then party secretary of Shenzhen, Li Hao, former party secretary of Shenzhen, Lin Jie, chief of United Front Work Department of Shenzhen, Luo Li, deputy director of Shenzhen NPC Standing Committee, and Chen Biao, former vice mayor.