Yao Ni’s Live Broadcast | Shenzhen Entrepreneurs’ Business Exploration in the Post-epidemic Era

How could enterprises help themselves in the post-epidemic era?  


How could enterprises help themselves in the post-epidemic era? On May 15, SMEmall Exchange Seminar was held in SCC Service Center. Mr. Chen Hangzhou, President of YIBAIFEN and Mr. Yang Yiguo, President of Yao Ni Technologies Co., Ltd. were invited to make keynote speeches and show how to sell product with live-stream. A total of 20 executives from ADH, Ivy International, Hetang Health, Yangguang Medical, etc. attended the seminar. Live-stream brings a new possibility for enterprises to face rising challenges of 5G retail era.


Mr. Chen Hangzhou, President of IBAIFEN expressed, “e-commerce is inevitably moving towards social media platforms. The widespread application of 4G in China drives business model iteration and emergence of social e-commerce. The future of social e-commerce is in line with inevitable factors of all advanced industries. It represents higher efficiency, wider audience and lower cost.”

Mr. Yang Yiguo, President of Yao Ni Technologies shared how live broadcast helps SMEs out of business difficulties. He said, “due to the impact of epidemic, many enterprises need to start transformation. To achieve these goals, empowerment, better marketing methods and tools must be introduced for better performance.”

He mentioned, “Nowadays, business merger and acquisition do not always work, but mutual integration, aid and empowerment are critical in the future. Yao Ni Technologies provides live broadcast for enterprises to solve problems encountered. We offer a full package of live broadcast training courses associated with marketing, promotion and liquidation. With our assistance, stores and enterprises can attract more customers and grow bigger.”


To overcome this global economic crisis caused by the epidemic, enterprises should not just sit around. Only proactive self-help and collaboration can help we get out of the crisis. In the era of e-commerce, live-stream marketing is the core battlefield of brand marketing at present. Immediate action may help SMEs find a new way out.