SCC Business Tour to Cyprus

A six-day SCC Business Tour to Cyprus went to its end on September 5, 2017. This is a perfect and healthy business tour.


This tour was jointly launched by Federation of Shenzhen Commerce (FSC), Shenzhen Chamber of Commerce (SCC), SCC Golf Club and Huashang International. More than 20 Shenzhen entrepreneurs from Galaxy International, Coastal City and other companies joined the tour. During the tour, Nicos Anastasiades, president of Cyrus, George Georgiou, vice president of Cyrus and Andreas Vyras, mayor of Larnaca set up welcome reception with visiting Shenzhen entrepreneurs.  





This is a remarkable journey of study, happiness, vitality, friendship and romantic. Through such platform and activities, more than 20 entrepreneurs were able to get in touch with local entrepreneurs and people, to think, understand, exchange and learn many things, which will enlighten the future development of Shenzhen entrepreneurs.


On this Cyprus tour, Shenzhen entrepreneurs had received warm welcome and reception from the Cyprus president, vice president, city mayor and well-known entrepreneurs. It is not just illustrating that growing strength of China, but unbreakable friendship between China and Cyprus.