4th Global Shenzhen Entrepreneurs Convention

Time: Dec 26, 2017 - Dec 29, 2017


Shenzhen Poly Theatre

Theme: A Joint Take-off of Shenzhen and Heilongjiang

The 4th Global Shenzhen Entrepreneurs Convention was jointly organized with the Global Heilongjiang Business Convention, with 400 Heilongjiang representatives joined the event. Meanwhile, Zheng Yonggang, chairman of Shanghai Entrepreneur Association also brought 40 association representatives to attend this year’s convention. This is an idea arena where entrepreneurs from Shenzhen, Heilongjiang, Shanghai and Zhejiang share their business insights featured with their own local characteristics. This is also a business Oscar for Chinese entrepreneurs exchange with each other. Dozens of government officials, top entrepreneurs and 6,000+ businessmen worldwide attended this convention, including Wang Weizhong, party secretary of Shenzhen, Chen Rugui, mayor of Shenzhen, Lin Jie, chief of United Front Work Department of Shenzhen, Jia Yumei, vice governor of Heilongjiang Province, Du Jiming, vice chairman of CPCC of Heilongjiang Province, Liu Chunlin and Lin Kuanhai, deputy chief of United Front Work Department of Heilongjiang Province, as well as Wang Shi, founder of Vanke, Yang Yuanqing, president of Lenovo, Dong Mingzhu, president of GREE, Li Dongsheng, CEO of TCL.