3rd Global Shenzhen Entrepreneurs Convention

Time: Dec 17, 2016 - Dec 19, 2016


Shenzhen Poly Theatre

Theme: Shenzhen: Riding on the Wind

The 3rd Global Shenzhen Entrepreneurs Convention lasted for three days and offered four keynote forums, including Internet & Time Forum, SCC Spring Awarding Ceremony 2017, Innovation & Future Forum and Spirit & Passion Forum. These forums witnessed 10 high-end talks, 30 masters, 200 media agencies, and 1 billion effective audience. 4,500+ people attended this event, including Ma Xingrui, then party secretary of Shenzhen, Xu Qin, then Shenzhen mayor, Lin Jie, chief of United Front Work Department of Shenzhen, Luo Li, deputy director of Shenzhen NPC Standing Committee, Zhang Xiaoli, vice chairman of CPCC of Shenzhen, Liu Yonghao, president of New Hope Group.