SCC in Israel

President:Yaron Matar


Address: 16 Haela St.kIryat Motzkin 2641837 Israel








Israel has the most prosperous high-tech innovation enterprises in the world. It is a hub of global innovative enterprises and R&D centers of multinational enterprises. It has a reputation as being Country of Entrepreneurship due to leading science and technology. It also has the highest density of high-tech entrepreneurship in the world. At present, there are more than 6,000 high-tech start-ups in Israel, second only to Silicon Valley in the United States, with the highest entrepreneurship density in the world.


  • Relying on China-Israel Innovation Center, the SCC in Israel will connect high-tech enterprises in China and Israel, provide technical support and guidance for Shenzhen enterprises by utilizing cutting-edge research technologies and university teams in Israel. Professional teams will evaluate and connect investment of science and technology projects.