SCC worked with Bird&Bird to establish a higher global platform

As Shenzhen entrepreneurs keep expanding their business and making investments globally, one-stop legal services that cover the whole globe are needed. On May 28, 2018, SGCC worked with Bird&Bird, a world-class law firm from the UK, to hold a salon on global opportunities and challenges for M&A. At the event, SGCC signed strategic partnership agreements with JinTianCheng Law firm and Bird&Bird, which would provide solid legal support for Shenzhen entrepreneurs in overseas M&A.


David Kerr, Global CEO of Bird&Bird, Yang Jiangang, Chief Representative of JinTianCheng Law firm (London), and nearly 50 Shenzhen entrepreneurs from Amer Group, BGI, PAIF, Kuang-Chi, Tubatu etc. attended the event, where they discussed the overseas development and internationalization strategy of Shenzhen firms.





Senior executives from SGCC, Bird&Bird, and JinTianCheng Law firm had a constructive dialog where they expressed substantial intent for cooperation. In the future, they will cooperate in hot areas such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, biology, and the Internet of things. In August this year, SGCC will organize a delegation of more than 40 entrepreneurs to visit the UK for inspection tours and communication, which will speed up the implementation of projects.


Under the implementation of “One Belt and One Road” strategy, how can Shenzhen entrepreneurs expand and embark on a road of capital growth overseas? How can they obtain more overseas investment opportunities as they go global? More and more Chinese firms are looking for overseas acquisition targets as a move to expand globally. However, they are confronted with tremendous risks in popular overseas investment destinations.


With a world-leading legal and regulatory environment, the UK is regarded as Europe's most attractive investment destination and a global financial center. In the future, the Belt and Road Initiative will further the strategic partnership between China and the UK.